An Enormous Year In Pictures: Getty Images Unveil Their Year In Focus for 2017

No matter where you spent it, 2017 has been an undeniably remarkable year. From a reality TV B-lister officially becoming the leader of the free world to Prince Harry squaring away the hot bird from Suits (onya Haz), there’s been more than enough news to keep headlines flowing, tongues wagging and, most importantly, shutters snapping.

International media behemoth Getty Images is responsible for commissioning, purchasing and distributing some of the most prolific photography in modern times, and, for another year, they’ve compiled the best of the best from the last twelve months in a collection to memorialise the year that was.

many people crossed the river by boat

From a few pretty obvious and unforgettable tragedies to some important moments in time that helped shape our nation, the Year In Focus round-up features both international events and Australian moments, from the Las Vegas shooting to the day our country voted for marriage equality.

Words don’t quite do these snaps justice, and that’s kinda the point, so I’ll leave you to have a browse for yourself, and look forward to next year’s collection.

Check it out

flooding water

being destroy a building in the fire


getty images they are embracing each other

boy and girl are laughing

people are enjoying special moment

boy and girl being enjoy special day

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