EverCam is the Home Security System Taking Kickstarter by Storm

EverCam is a wireless HD security camera that’s blown everyone away, raising over $1.8 million thanks to its impressive battery life, easy installation and true wireless freedom.

EverCam can be mounted on any flat surface via its sticky base and magnetic connection. The magnet allows for easy relocation and angle adjustments. EverCam’s creator Anker promises 1 year of battery life and up to 3 years in standby mode. That’s home surveillance without power cables and drilling holes. It’s also IP66 Weatherproof, so don’t concern yourself with that.

evercam wireless hd security camera with ai

The camera itself features HD 1080p recording via a Sony Exmor sensor with a large f2.2 aperture and 140-degree wide-angle lens. It’s capable of recording sharp and bright video during the day, plus crisp and clear Night Vision footage in the evening.

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The software has facial recognition which matches to a database so to determine who’s approaching your home: pizza delivery, mailman, Tony from next door, etc. There’s also infrared motion detection that can tell whether its human or an animal for 95% fewer false alarms.

evercam wireless hd security camera all inside view

Best of all, there’s no monthly fee. EverCam is purchased outright, and footage is stored locally on a Micro-SD card. A 16GB card is included. EverCam uses AES 128-bit encryption. So you can only access your footage once the microSD card is inserted into the Base Station it’s registered. A 100-decibel siren wails if someone tries to steal the EverCam or it registers movement via the always-active accelerometer.

So Anker has pulled in over $1.8 million on pre-orders for EverCam, and with 50 days remaining, you can expect that number to grow even further.

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