Find Security and Style with the Halo Smart Security Camera

Beautiful design appears to have finally hit the home security market. In the past, home cameras stuck out awkwardly, security lights were bright and foreboding, and security systems were boxy and industrial. Today, thanks to companies like Halo Home, security fits seamlessly into the anatomy of a modern home and is almost impossible to notice to the untrained eye. Halo specialises in home security cameras with their proprietary, stylish design and low-profile technology.

 halo smart security camera in the light

One camera looks like a sculpture that operates on a battery that can last for up to six months straight without a charge, allowing it to be placed on just about any surface in the home. Another makes up the base of a lightbulb that actually turns on and screws into a ceiling light can, allowing an aerial view of a room. Beyond the design, all Halo Home cameras shoot in 1080 True HD, have high quality night vision, operate wirelessly, have advanced cloud analytics and also detect human movement in the area they are monitoring. They are also all Wi-Fi enabled and work with an app that can be installed on any wireless device, allowing you to monitor your home via these cameras from afar.

 halo smart security camera in the pen box

Now you can have peace of mind about security and safety without having a camera stare you in the face.

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