Forget 4K, Meet 8K: The Red Weapon 8k Monstro VV Camera

Since shooting on film is nearly obsolete and increasingly expensive, digital cameras are becoming more and more advanced every few years, as major camera manufacturers raise the bar with each new model. One of the most notable has been the Red camera, who was one of the first to make a major movie quality digital camera affordable for the pro-sumer marketplace. There have been many other models over the past decade, one topping the next, like the Sony F5, the Blackmagic, the Arri – but this latest model from Red, the Weapon Brain with Monstro 8K with sensor raises the bar higher than ever before.

weapon 8k monstro vv rear camera

While most of the top of the line digital cameras that shoot major motion pictures shoot in 4k resolution, the Red Weapon Brain shoots in, as its name suggests, double that, at a whopping 8k. And it can shoot at that insanely lifelike resolution at 75 frames per second or 60 frames per second full format, making it the most advanced camera ever made for the highest end visual effects. This is undoubtedly the camera that will be used for future tent pole Hollywood blockbusters – as well independent films, considering the camera itself only costs $80,000, which is cheap when you compare it to the cost of 35 millimeter film cameras of old.

 weapon 8k monstro camera back side view

In future decades, the average college student will have access to technology that the biggest talents in Hollywood use on set today, just think of the possible outcomes.

Check it out

 weapon 8k monstro camera side view

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