Google Clips Captures Special Moments

Google Clips is an ultra-portable camera. Think GoPro without the extreme applications (though it could capture those moments as well). Google Clips measures only 2 X 2 X 0.8 inches (without the clip stand). And it’s light, coming in at only 2.2 ounces with the stand. Google Clips is WiFi and Bluetooth capable and has a USB-C port as well as 16GB of memory. The camera is fixed focus, but is capable of capturing motion photos (JPEGs with imbedded MP4s), MP$, GIF, and JPEG. The internal battery has a three-hour life.

google clips ultra portable camera on the books

What makes Google Clips different, however, is its application. Google Clips captures moments—or, you guessed it “clips”—rather than creating video. Just take Google Clips, set it up in the perspective you want, and let it do its thing. Clips will capture motion photos that are several seconds in duration (it doesn’t capture audio). With its 130 degree viewing angle, and its clip stand, which allows you to place clips on different surfaces or clip it to higher vantage points, you’ll be able to catch those special moments. What’s more, you’ll be able to step away from being behind the camera. Google clips uses a special algorithm, Moment IQ, to not only recognize expressions, lighting, and framing, but also people and even pets. As it picks up on those things, it learns when to start recording.

google clips ultra portable rear camera

Google Clips is compatible with Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S8 as well as iPhone.

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