The GoPro Fusion Will Change the Way We Look At Things… Again

When other camera manufacturers were beginning to follow their ingenious lead by making small and durable action cams, GoPro weren’t resting on their laurels. Go Pro are back with their next great, camera called The Fusion that will change how people shoot high definition, point of view, extra angle and hidden camera video, and once again prove why GoPro are still the best in this game.

gopro fusion 360 degree camera all accessories

The Fusion shoots in stunning 5.2K, has gimbal-like stabilization built in and comes in a sturdy case that allows the camera to take a tremendous amount of punishment without easily breaking. Two SD cards come with every camera, allowing you to over record without having to worry about running out of memory for your footage. And Go Pro has even taken their Fusion camera to the next level, by allowing it to record VR, which is the ideal option for the extreme and amazing experiences often captured on these cameras. An app for the Fusion can also be downloaded to your phone or tablet allowing you to preview and playback shots after you have done them, allowing you to be more versatile in your video production.

What’s most clever about the Fusion, however, is the way it films. You never have to point and shoot, you just need to turn the little guy on and let the two spherical lenses do the hard work. They’ve been carefully offset to allow for seamless image stitching. What results is 360 degrees of 5.2k resolution footage. Turn it on , let ‘er rip and figure out what bits you want (and how you want them) later on.

Once again, Go Pro has created a camera that’s going to change how we look at things.

Check it out

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