Hasselblad H6D-400c MS Camera Captures the Finest Details

The Hasselblad H6D-400c MS Camera captures the details that separate excellent photos from extraordinary photos. It starts with the best components. The center of the H6D is the 53.4 X 400mm 100MP CMOS sensor. This sensor supports 16-bit color and a 15 stops dynamic range. The camera supports HD and UHD video, is Wi-Fi capable, and has a USB 3.0 Type-C connector for both data transfer and tethered shooting.

It’s the multi-shot technology that really delivers the detail, however. First, multi-shot has its restrictions. You can only use it when the camera is tethered to a host computer, the subject is static, and the environment is controlled. If you can provide those three requirements, then the multi-shot will deliver the quality. It works by shifting the sensor by one or one half of a pixel using a precision piezo actuator. This movement allows the camera to capture more color information and data. All this extra data is interpreted by Hasselblad’s proprietary software. Single-shot images capture only one level of color for each pixel. In four-shot multi-shot mode, the camera shoots four captures, each shot after a move by one pixel (horizontally, vertically, horizontally, vertically). This approach also eliminates moire interference. In six-shot mode, two additional moves are added to increase the amount of data captured—a 16-bit Tiff file size of 2.4GB per frame (23,200 X 17,400 pixels). What you get is a level of detail that rivals what your own eye can capture.

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