Insta360 Nano S Camera Captures it All

Adding the Insta360 Nano S Camera to your iPhone means you’ll have a 360 degree camera with you wherever you go. 360 cameras do just what you might expect they would do—they capture everything going on around you. By itself, your phone can either film what’s happening in the front or back of the phone. With the Insta360 Nano, you’ll capture what’s going on in front of, behind, to the sides of, and above the camera. That’s the beauty of 360 cameras, they capture everything.

insta360 nano s camera front and back side

But what do you do with all the footage. The MultiView function of the Insta360 Nano allows you to select the best footage from everything you’re shooting to create the perfect video or shot. MultiView is also great for live-streaming, video chat, and Instagram. Just imagine being able to show your audience everything your seeing without having to switch camera’s or move your phone to a different location. Viewers can simple move their view with a touch and drag feature.

black color insta360 nano s camera back side

The Insta360 Nano also utilizes the gyroscope in your iPhone to stabilize your shots. No worrying about all those wobbles and shakes. Instead, it will look like you’re shooting with a professional steady cam.

If you’ve ever been sharing a photo and had to explain that just outside of the frame there was this really cool thing, then you’ll know the moment loses its magic. With the Insta360 Nano, you’ll capture everything, so no need to worry about people not getting the whole view.

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 insta360 nano s camera being used in iphone

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