IVY Cliq+ Instant Camera Printer Brings Your Photos into the Real World

Having cameras on phones has made snapping shots of special moments easy, but those photos get lost in a cloud and forgotten. The photos that stand the test of time seem more to be those that are brought out of the digital world and into the real world. But having to wait for those photos to develop can be tedious when you want to immediately remember special occasions.

Canon’s Ivy Cliq+ Instant Camera Printer meets both needs.

back instant cliq camera

IVY isn’t what you would call a professional camera. It falls more on the simple and fun side of cameras. Its 8-megapixel sensor is surrounded by an LED light ring. The sensor detects how much light there is and then illuminates either four or eight of the LEDs. There isn’t a display on the camera, just a viewfinder.

IVY connects to your phone using Bluetooth. With the Canon Mini Print app, you can take remote shots if you want group pictures. The app also provides different filters, frames, and even text. Alternatively, you can just hit print on the camera and the photo will print out of the side of the camera, giving you an instant memento. You can also hit reprint for a second copy.

The photos print in either 2X2 or 2X3 format. If you don’t want a print right now, you can also save the photo to a microSD card.

You can pick up an IVY CLIQ+ for USD$159.99.

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