Kodak Smile Series Instant Photos Bring Back Physical Pictures

We live in a digital world, so for Kodak to come out with a new line of cameras with instant photo capability seems like a bit of a risk. The company seems to be banking on the nostalgia of an analogue world—and they could be right.

There’s just something special about holding an actual photo instead of looking at a bunch of pixels.

kodak smile series

The Kodak Smile Series starts off with the Smile Classic Instant Print Camera. The camera uses a pop-up viewfinder to set up your shot. Then, with the help of a 10-second timer and an automatic flash, the camera will take your selfie and print out a 3.5-inch by 4.25-inch photo (it does have a MicroSD card if you want to save your shots for printing later).

You can also connect via Bluetooth to a printer using the Kodak Instant Print Companion App.

kodak series

Kodak also released a 10-megapixel Smile Instant Print Digital Camera that, much like the Smile Classic, uses Zink Zero Ink Printing Technology to instantly print 2-inch by 3-inch photos. These photos also come with a sticky back so that you can literally post them anywhere.

Or if you’re just looking for an easy way to print the photos on your smartphone, then opt for the Kodak’s Smile Instant Printer, which is the same printing technology used in the cameras but without the camera.

Just connect your phone via Bluetooth and print.

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