Leica CL is Proof of a 100 Year Commitment to Quality

The German camera Company Leica lives up to its more-than 100 year history with the Leica CL. About a century ago, Oskar Barnack started developing the Leica line with the determination to create cameras of compact size that could be easily handled, and that delivered superior picture quality. The Leica CL is the latest model to be built on these principles.

leica cl camera top and back side view

As far as image quality goes, the CL offers a high-resolution 24 MP, APS-C format sensor backed by a Maestro II series processor. The CL auto-focuses with 49 metering points and can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t see what you’re shooting. The CL’s viewfinder has a resolution of 2.36 million dots—so you’ll see exactly what you’re shooting. When you do take your picture, it will come in with a total pixel size of 6088 x 4100 (24.96MP). The CL also offers three zoom and four prime lenses.

leica cl rear camera view

While it may look like an old camera, and its size suggests that it might not do everything you want it to, the CL functions like a modern camera with its integrated Wi-Fi module that allows you to wirelessly transfer images direct to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Leica even has an app for iOS or Android so that you can share images via email or social media. That same app even has a remote feature that lets you control the camera on your phone, meaning that despite the company’s stubbornness in retaining their old-timey charm, what they pack inside the casing is as up-to-date as ever.

Check it out

leica cl camera on top of the seat

leica cl camera hd front display

leica cl camera side view

leica cl camera top view

leica cl camera with dairy and coffee

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