Leica M10-P ASC 100 Edition Camera Returns Us to Cinematography at its Best

Leica has been racking up the limited editions of their M10-P camera lately, but they may have just broke the mode with the release of the Leica M10-P ASC 100 Edition Camera. The new camera celebrates the 100th anniversary of the American Society of Cinematographers, and Leica set its sights firmly on filmmakers with this exclusive tool.

limited edition camera

Similar to the M10-P, the limited edition doesn’t have a video mode, which seems odd since it’s meant to celebrate cinematography. The idea actually harkens back to Oskar Barnack, who used a still camera—a Leica camera, to be exact—to test exposure settings for the cinema cameras he was using. According to Leica, “the Leica M10-P ASC 100 Edition continues Barnack’s ingenious idea and translates it into modern times.” The result is the “ideal camera to recreate the authentic look of the cinema in still pictures.”

leica limited edition camera

The camera comes with a Summicron-M 35 f/2 ASPH lens, as well as two specially created modes in the software meant to simulate that cinema look. It also comes with a Visoflex electronic viewfinder accessory and an M-PL mount for use with most PL mount cine lenses available on the market. The design comes in a striking gold on black design and looks almost as impressive as the photos it can take.

Leica hasn’t released any word on pricing, and exact specs remain a mystery, but you can expect to see the camera in autumn of 2019.

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