Leica’s M10 Edition Zagato Camera Can Be Yours for AUD $31,300

German craftsmanship meets Italian design with the launch of Leica’s M10 Zagato Edition camera. Zagato is, of course, referring to the acclaimed automotive brand that’s worked on cars for Porsche and Aston Martin to name a few.

The Leica M10 Zagato Edition offers unique visual and tactile highlights. The top deck, baseplate, outer casing and control elements are all manufactured from aluminium. Instead of the usual leather trim, the bodyshell is finished with fine grooves, and the integrated handgrip at the left of the body visually distinguishes the special edition from the standard model.

leica m10 zagato edition front view

Zagato is also the first Leica camera to have its serial number engraved on an aluminium badge on the base of the camera that’s revealed only when the baseplate is opened.

Dr Andrea Zagato, who personally designed the 250 M10 examples says “without the possibilities offered by photography, we would never have had the invaluable pictures and the ability to reconstruct vehicle models, and would not be able to present our work from the last decades in such an impressive way.”

leica m10 zagato back view

The Zagato Edition represents the first time the M10 model camera has received a special edition. It’s surprising when you consider just how many special editions Leica has under its belt. This is not the first collaboration between Leica and Zagato either, as the two brands launched a series of binoculars back in 2015.

The Leica M10 Zagato Edition is available now in selected Leica Stores for the considerable price of AUD $ 31,300. In addition to the camera and Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, the Zagato Edition includes a carrying strap in red full-grain leather embossed with the Zagato logotype. The certificate of authenticity comes in the form of an aluminium plate with an engraved serial number.

Check it out

leica m10 zagato top view

leica m10 zagato right side

leica m10 zagato left side

leica m10 zagato leather strap

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