Leitz Photographica Classic Leica Auction Offers Rare Cameras

Photography has chronicled our world history, capturing moments of time. Perhaps no other company has done more to capture that history in a higher quality than Leica. For well over a century, Leica has led the way, creating innovative photography equipment. When you needed the best in photography, you chose Leica.

leitz classic leica camera

That history has seen many different cameras, and many of which will be up for auction at the Leitz Photographica Auction in Wetzlar, Germany. The auction will include many of Leica’s most iconic systems—from the UW to the classic M3 Chrome and 250 GG Reporter. Interested buyers will find such innovative cameras as the MP2, which was the first M camera to have an electric motor drive.

As for history, consider the UW, which was the product created after the US Army approached Leica about a water-tight exoskeleton for a camera. If rarity is more interesting to you, then take a look at the 250 GG Reporter. Built on Leica’s Motor MOOEV, there are reportedly only 15 left in existence. Leica is even offering up a piece from its own collection. An M3 is on the block bearing the serial number 700005—the fifth camera ever made by the company.

leica camera

Leica has a reputation for premium prices, so be ready to pay a bit more for these examples. Last year’s auction saw a Leica 0-Series go for €2.4 million. The 250 GG Reporter and the M3 are estimated at €400,000 while the MP2 looks to go for €500,000.

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