Lighthouse Home AI Camera: What’s More Important than Peace of Mind?

What do you get when you combine the desire for security and comfort, with the advanced technology of self-driving cars? Easy, the Lighthouse Home AI camera.

lighthouse ai camera on the wall

Utilizing the latest technology available, the Lighthouse camera is the only product on the market that can give you teal time up-to-the-second updates on what the babysitter is doing now, or if the kids are sneaking into the cookie jar a bit too often.

lighthouse ai camera back vent cover

This advanced AI technology ensure there are no more false security alerts, allows you to check in real time and talk to individuals in your house, whether they have two legs or four, and allow for you to check on your more senior inhabitants at any time – offering a supreme level of comfort.

lighthouse ai camera stand

The Lighthouse can recognize people by their faces, knows not to be tripped by small amount of movement, and can even be trained to recognize pets. Ask your lighthouse “What time did the cat come into the room?” and it will let you know when it first slinked through the room en route to tearing apart your curtains.

lighthouse ai camera on the rack

On top of all that, enjoy 30-day video review history, right from a mobile app, no more messy terminals spread throughout your house.

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