The Next Great DSL from Nikon

The Nikon D-series has been a constant force in the DSL camera world over the past few decades, releasing cameras that almost single-handedly revolutionise on how photographs were taken and videos were shot. In short, it put high end equipment into the hands of those who hadn’t yet been knighted professional photographers or videographers by their respective industries and opened the door for them to make careers out of their passions. While other camera companies have followed this bold trail in recent years, Nikon has been looking for the next great camera to set themselves apart, as they did with D5 and D70 a decade plus ago.

nikon d850 camera back side image sensor

They seem to have found that same magic again with the D850, a DSL camera that has a back-side illuminated full frame image sensor and no optical low-pass filter. It shoots photos at a whopping 47.5 megapixels and can shoot 8k video with 4k time lapse, giving footage an extraordinary amount of sharpness and detail. With a tilting touchscreen and incredibly long life on it’s batteries, the Nikon D850 can do almost everything larger, more professional still and HD cameras can do and more, giving those looking to just make beautiful pictures and bring their stories to life even more latitude in which to do so.

nikon d850 camera folding screen and functionality

Priced at just over $3000 for the body, this remarkable camera is worth every penny for the truly passionate photographer or videographer.

Check it out

nikon d850 camera all accessories

nikon d850 camera back side view

nikon d850 camera display and front screen

nikon d850 camera only body

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