Opkix One Compact Wearable Smart Cameras

Back on August 22, 2018, OPKIX raised $11.8 million dollars at the end of their Series B funding round. That achievement brought them to a $200 million valuation. Not bad for Orange County based technology company. With the aim of being a leading direct to consumer lifestyle brand that specializes in wearable optics, accessories, and mobile cameras, OPKIX was poised to make a big splash. Now they’re on the diving board, ready to jump in with OPKIX ONE.


OPKIX ONE is a set of compact, wearable smart cameras that come with a companion studio editing and sharing app. Measuring at only 14.2mm x 14.2mm x 36mm, the camera is basically the size of a thumb drive. That diminutive size means the camera can be easily affixed to sunglasses, necklaces, and even rings. OPKIX ONE provides two cameras that come in an “egg,” which not only serves to store the cameras but also provides charging and video offloading.

compact camera

Lawrence Greaves, OPKIX CEO, explains, “We started with a vision for a product that would change how the world captures, edits and socially shares videos quickly and simply.” Given the ease with which you’ll be able to capture video using the ONE, OPKIX is definitely ready to achieve that goal. The OV798 video processor and OV2732 image sensor in the cameras allow for high-resolution video, and the easy-to-operate app will have anyone sharing videos in minutes—and all without having to fumble with your phone.

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