Pictar Pro Brings DSLR Camera Controls to Smartphone

Pictar Pro is an innovative case that unlocks the full potential of your smartphone’s camera, elevating it to the standards of DSLR. It features four camera control button wheels, an ergonomic grip, a viewfinder and Qi wireless charging.

The case itself is designed to resemble a Leica camera with its classic solid satin-finish and brass body. Compatible with the latest iPhones and Android phones, Pictar Pro feels like a real camera and also shoots like one.

Pictar Pro is a simple plug-and-play. Slide the phone in and start using it with the Pictar App which automatically recognises the difference between iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony smartphones.

smartphone camera grip

The Smart Wheels on top allows users to switch between 9 different shooting modes: Auto, Shutter Priority, ISO Priority, Manual, Macro, Video, Selfie, Sport and Filters. Press the wheels to switch between different flash modes. Another of the wheels offers superior control over exposure and the darkness or brightness of the image. The Rocker Zoom Switch allows for continuous smooth motion of the zoom function, even in video shooting.

Users can even connect professional accessories such as a tripod, microphone, LED lighting and external lenses.

Pictar Pro fits all sizes of iPhone from 6 to X, including the Plus models and is future proofed for upcoming versions. Accessories include a hand strap and neck strap made from a stylish parachute cord with real leather elements, and a premium quality fabric pouch for keeping the Pro when not in use.

smartphone camera grip

“Photography is about capturing the moment, not digging around menus to figure out the best way to capture the moment,” said Guy Sprukt of miggo. “Pictar Pro helps take control of your photography along with the best-quality video not possible with the smartphone camera alone.”

Pictar Pro comes from miggo, the accessory brand who found success on Kickstarter with the original Pictar concept eighteen months ago. Now, you can improve your photography without an expensive DSLR upgrade by pre-ordering Pictar Pro from $129 USD. Pictar Pro is expected to launch in April 2019.

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