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Polaroid now plus

Polaroid Now+ Gives Instant Photography a Much-Needed Refresh

There may be no new thing under the sun, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve on some old things. Polaroid is doing just that with their new—or old-new—Now+ instant camera. You’ll get all the nostalgia you crave with this revisiting of a classic.

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Image: Polaroid

Polaroid first brought their cameras to the market in the 1950s to wild acclaim. Having your photographs instantly was an incredible novelty, and while nowadays that my seem really old school, the retro-vibe is still hot today. Making the camera even more fun, the Polaroid Now+ also comes with five filters. These filters create a crisscross pattern that creates a starburst pattern created with faint lines, and a second filter creates a red vignette. The other filters provide a blue, orange, and yellow tints to photos.

You can keep the filters safe using the included zip-up pouch. While cool, even the filters still sound old school, so what’s been updated on the Now+? It could be the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, which is used access to an app-based manual control. You can also use the long-exposure, light painting, and studio work features. Plus, the app acts as a remote control for the camera.

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Image: Polaroid

The Now+ also makes use of different types of film stocks in addition to the basic colour and black-and-white option. The other options are special editions that Polaroid swaps in and out of circulation, such as the Duochrome Black & Blue or the Black & Yellow Duochrome.

In form, the Now+ vividly recalls the original shape and size of the instant camera. It’s lightweight, coming in at less than a pound, and measuring just 3.7 by 4.2 by 5.6 inches. Polaroid is making the Now+ in three colours—black, white, and blue-gray. The cameras come with a rainbow stripe logo. You can pick up the Now+ for $149.99. Add another $50 to get the filters and the app-based manual controls.

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