Razer Lightens up Streaming with the World’s First Ring Light Webcam

The Razer Kiyo addresses lighting for web streaming with a webcam that has a built-in ring light. Proper lighting is a major challenge for most streaming sites. Many casters don’t have proper lighting, relying on the existing lighting in whatever room they may be in. You could invest hundreds and even thousands of dollars into picking up all the lighting equipment you need, or you can get the Razer Kiyo and start streaming right away.

razer lighten webcam light

The Kiyo has a multi-step ring light that surrounds the streaming camera. The powerful light can be dimmed or brightened on command to ensure the best lighting and to eliminate shadows, while the camera is capable of 720p 60 fps so that you can get the best fidelity available. The hinge stand allows you to position the camera wherever you want, and to fold it up for storage when you’re done. The camera also has an autofocus feature, so you won’t have to divide your attention from the game you’re streaming and keeping the camera in focus. Kiyo already supports streaming on a number of platforms, so you can keep the service you prefer or are accustomed to.

razer webcam back view

Razer also offers a line of other accessories to complete your streaming setup, including microphones, keyboards and a mouse, and headsets.

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