Retro Gets Smart with the Polaroid OneStep+ i-Type Camera

The Polaroid OneStep+ i-Type Camera is the follow up to last year’s OneStep 2 from Polaroid. Polaroid’s instant camera was revived by the Impossible Project, which purchased the last Polaroid factory in The Netherlands. So far, that purchase has brought back the instant Polaroid pictures with the OneStep 2. Now the OneStep+ takes things a step further, integrating a connection with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

retro polaroid camera front

Polaroid Originals developed an app to pair with the OneStep+ that allows you to take pictures remotely—in other words, instant selfies. The app also has different modes that you can use for your pictures, such as double exposure and a paint feature that lets you add more color to your prints. For a more traditional feel, you can use the manual control settings in the app to adjust shutter time, aperture, and exposure. The app also keeps you up to date on how much battery and film you have left. The app is completely optional, so if you want to, you can keep the OneStep+ in an analog mode.

retro polaroid camera side

OneStep+ comes with two lenses for portrait and landscape settings. Switching between the two is accomplished with a simple toggle on the top of the camera. A microUSB slot on the back charges the camera.

Check it out

retro polaroid camera back side

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