Ricoh GR III Camera is the Charming Third Time

With the first and second time already being a charm, Ricoh is releasing the GR III Camera—proving that the third time is also the charm. The GR series has been going since 1996, with 10 iterations since then. Considering that the point-and-shoot camera market may be heading the way of the dinosaur, it will take a lot for Ricoh to keep the market alive, but the GR III seems up to the task of keeping point-and-shoots around for another decade.

This third version will feature an updated sensor, the 24MP APS-C sensor. This new sensor is purported to improve the phase-detection autofocus. It also has better in-camera stabilization. Most interesting about the sensor is that it fits within the confines of a point-and-shoot camera, something unique to Ricoh. Ricoh didn’t just add a big sensor into a small camera, however. They also made that small camera even smaller. Unfortunately, that smaller size comes by way of removing the built-in flash.

The GR III also has an updated physical interface. The new camera features a control wheel. The lens is also improved, and the image sensor is going from 16 to 24 megapixels.

Smartphones may be taking over the photography world, but Richoh’s GR III seems poised to keep the point-and-shoot market alive.

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