Ring Door View Camera Lets You Peep at Who’s Knocking

Ring came out a while ago with a doorbell replacement that allowed you to see who was at your door. Now it has a replacement for your peephole.

The Ring Door View Camera replaces your peephole with a compact HD camera. The camera sends you notifications whenever anyone presses the built-in doorbell button, knocks on the door, or triggers its motion sensors.

Ring Door Camera

The camera has HD video and features two-way talk, so you can speak with whoever is at your door without having to open your door. You can give instructions to delivery people, or send solicitors packing.

mobile vew Ring Door Camera

The Ring Door View Camera is easy to install, just remove your existing peephole and put the camera in its place. It has a removable battery pack so that you can keep it charged. It works for any number of situations, from your home to your office and even for dorm rooms.

Ring Door View Camera

It also connects to your phones and tablets and it works with Alexa. Just ask Alexa to show you who is at your door, and the Ring camera will launch real-time video of who is on your porch.

Ring Door View app Camera

Priced at USD$199, the Ring Door View Camera will move quickly, so you’ll want to get on the waiting list soon.

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