Shimoda’s Action X Camera Bags Are for the Adventurous

Shimoda is tapping into a bit of a niche market with a product that will appeal just as easily to the rest of the world as well. Their Action X Camera Bag collection is geared specifically toward adventure photographers—the people behind the lens that are creating “ambitious, aggressive and athletic content.” But even if you’re not one of “those guys,” you’ll still find plenty of reasons to pick up an Action X bag.

camera bag inside view

The new Action X bag collection consists of three backpacks with newly designed Core units. The bags measure 30L, 50L, and 70L, each of which comes with new rollers and a top loader function. While you may load the bag from the top, that doesn’t mean it’s your only access point. The Action X bags have a fast access side panel and a main rear panel opening that let you get to your camera and gear more quickly.

The 70L bag has a large, expandable pocket that is zipper sealed where you can store things from tripods and gimbals to water bottles and more. You’ll also find TPU ski straps on each bag as well as a removable helmet holder. The shoulder straps can be swapped and feature a mounted phone or accessory pocket. There’s also a removable belt and the bags are all torso-height adjustable. The top can be rolled out for an additional 7L of storage.

Need to take your laptop with you? There’s also a 15-inch laptop sleeve.

Shimoda Action camera bag

The Core units are where you actually store your gear. These removable pieces offer extra protection and dividers to keep your camera and lenses safe and organized. The Medium Mirrorless Core Unit v2 is designed for the 30L bag, while the 50L bag gets either the Medium or Large DSLR v2 units. Finally, you can pick up the DV Core Units, which come in either Large or X-Large.

These units can accommodate your biggest gear, including a super-telephoto lens.

shimoda camera bags

Each of the bags is available through Shimoda’s Kickstarter campaign. When you purchase through this campaign, Shimoda will donate 1 per cent of the total sales to Give Back To Nature, a community of photographers with the goal to plant 1 million trees in areas that have been deforested.

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