The Skydio R1 Autonomous Flying Camera Automates Your Cinematic Creativity

The Skydio R1 Autonomous Flying Camera frees you from the chore of flying so that you can focus on what you’re filming. At its most basic, the R1 is a drone with a camera. It may not sound that impressive—there are plenty of camera equipped drones already on the market. But the R1 is different in that it flies itself. Using 13 cameras, the R1 creates a 3d virtual map of its surroundings. Using what it is “seeing,” the R1 then plots out its course, avoiding obstacles while keeping on its target. While you can take control of the R1 and fly it manually, this drone is perfectly capable of taking over and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in whatever adventure you’re undertaking.

skydio r1 flying drone camera top view

You can set the R1 in five different modes: following behind its recording target; leading in front of what its recording; flying to the side; orbiting around the action; or in a fixed space in tripod. You can also assign the R1 to follow a specific target without having to carry a beacon or tracking device. Additionally, you can also specify the angle of your shot by adjusting the zoom and height.

The R1 can take off from your hand, so no need to find a perfectly flat spot for take-off or landing. The R1 is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson, the same 256-core AI supercomputer used in self-driving cars. With the R1 you don’t need a professional pilot—it comes pre-equipped with its own.

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skydio r1 flying drone camera front view

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