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Sony VLOG CAMERA ZV-1 front

Sony Specialises the ZV-1 Camera for Vlogging

If you’re going to specialise, why not go all the way? That’s what Sony has done with their new VZ-1 compact camera. The little camera is dedicated not just to shooting video, but more specifically for vlogging.

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VLOG CAMERA ZV-1 side view

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The ZV-1 is based on Sony’s popular RX100 point-and-shoot cameras, with the slight difference that this model has been optimised specifically for video. For those that shoot a lot of video, the features of the ZV-1 will be particularly attractive. For starters, it has a “Background Defocus” that automatically sets the camera for maximum bokeh effect in the background at the touch of a single button, rather than having to adjust the aperture and other settings manually. The ZV-1 also has a setting for objects—the Product Showcase—that is done automatically. This setting automatically focuses on something in frame in front of your face, leaving you free to focus on other things.


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The ZV-1 shoots in 4K, which won’t be a surprise to people that are familiar with the RX100 series. In fact, the ZV-1 shares the same sensor and processing power as the RX100 VII. The vlogger camera also has a built-in mic jack. The lens has a bit less zoom, but it does have a wider f/1.8 aperture, which will help for those doing close up shots and that want more background blur. The ZV-1 also sees the return of the neutral density filter, so shooting in bright light will be easier. Just for vloggers, the camera features a three-microphone array with a wind guard. The larger grip will make it easier to hold onto the camera while recording, and the side-articulating screen will help with positioning the camera. A front-facing recording indicator supports the bigger video recording button, and the camera comes with Sony’s multi-interface shoe so that you can add additional mics and other accessories.


Through June 28th, you can purchase the Sony ZV-1 camera for an introductory price of USD$749.99. After that, it will go up to the regular price of USD$799.99. If you’re a vlogger, or looking to get started, then this is the camera that you’re looking for.

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VLOG CAMERA ZV-1 with handle

VLOG CAMERA ZV-1 back view

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