The Leica M10-D Packs Digital Technology into an Analogue Body

As one of the best names in the camera game, Leica is always up to something special. The brand’s latest masterstroke is the M10-D, which fuses old-school aesthetic and new-school technology to superb effect. That is to say, the camera incorporates analogue specs while nevertheless retaining digital functionality. If you’re tired of all the modern-day bells and whistles, this is certainly one way to get back to basics.

leica m10 d packs digital technology front

In lieu of a monitor screen, the Leica M10-D hosts a mechanical dial for exposure compensation. Also featured is an integrated swing-out thumb rest for added stability. And if you’re worried about being unable to view your photos, fret not, as the camera syncs with your Android or iOS mobile device by way of a WiFi connection and the new Leica FOTOS app. The M10-D is also compatible with the high-resolution Visoflex electronic viewfinder. Hence, you can still review, edit, download, and share photos using a variety of digital resources.

With the M10-D, Leica is emphasising the core elements of photography. Indeed, take away the screen and you’re forced to reconsider things like composition, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity value. In other words, the analogue experience will hone your skills, making you less reliant on the specs we nowadays take for granted. Plus, who doesn’t love it when a major brand combines retro style with modern technology?

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