The Next Action Hero is the Insta360 One X Action Camera

Insta360 is making the action shot easier with their new One X Action Camera. The One X is a 5.7 camera that will be the hero of extreme athletes, daredevils, and anyone who wants to capture the action going on around them.

side view insta360 cam

The One X camera is capable of 360-degree capture, which means that you don’t have to worry about framing a shot. Instead, set the recording and jump into action. After you’ve finished your move, you’ll be able to go back into what you shot and then reframe and re-edit exactly what you want. The One X also features FlowState—a stabilization features that gives you the same results as what you would have with a gimbal only minus all that hardware. Just those two features would be enough to make this a great camera, but there’s so much more.

insta360 camera back view

You can pair the One X with an “invisible” selfie stick to create a flying camera effect. TimeShift lets you highlight moments in your video with slow-mo or speeding things up. Or snap the One X into the Drifter accessory and it will shoot in every direction simultaneously. Bullet Time creates a stunning effect shooting [email protected] A venture case and a dive case let you take things in the water. And there’s even a throwing dart that you can put your One X into to get airborne video.

The Insta360 One X is the action camera the world has been waiting for.

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camera view insta360

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