You Won’t Lose the BackPacker Air Tripod

If you are a professional travel photographer or blogger or even someone who simply enjoys taking professional-quality travel photographs to document all of the awesome places that you go to, you will need a travel tripod. A tripod is a must when it comes to shooting scenes like cityscapes as you will need a stable camera support.

The problem is that most tripods are bulky and cumbersome. No one wants to travel with heavy equipment especially if you are travelling by aeroplane. MeFOTO just released the BackPacker Air Travel Tripod—a lightweight tripod that is excellent for travel.

gold color backpacker air travel tripod

The MeFoto BackPacker Air Travel Tripod is the best travel tripod for any backpacker taking a multi-day hike. It easily straps onto a backpack. This tripod is perfect for any travel—not just backpacking. It can be easily stowed in a carry-on bag.

This colourful tripod is simple to set up and break down thanks to a unique HyperLock feature that uses a single locking point in each leg to allow the tripod to fold.

purple color backpacker air travel tripod

Another neat feature of the MeFOTO BackPacker Air Travel Tripod is the integrated selfie stick. It features a spring-loaded phone adaptor. There is also a rechargeable Bluetooth remote that attaches right to the handle.

The MeFOTO BackPacker Air Tripod weighs less than 1kg and has a maximum height of 151 cm. It comes in a variety of colours, including red, blue, titanium, purple, black and orange. A drawstring carrying bag is also included with the tripod making it easy to carry and stow.

Check it out

one handler backpacker air travel tripod


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