Capture Awesome Videos With the VFO HD Video Camera Flying Object

Looking for something different to post to your Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram account? How about cool footage of your Frisbee game? If you want to film your shenanigans, then you are in luck. Brookstone just released a VFO Flying Object that features a 720P HD Video Camera. This means that you can capture all of your catches, throws, trick shots and more in an exciting and new way—from the flying disc’s point of view. All of this is captured on 720p HD video, which is automatically saved on an 8GB microSD card.

vfo hd video camera flying object womenThe disc has a camera that features an independent bearing between the camera and the disc itself. This design ensures that the camera is always pointing towards its destination. The disc also features an aerodynamic fin at the tail of the camera. This balances out the weight. Therefore, you throw the disc just like you would any old Frisbee. It takes minimal effort to make the disc go flying across the beach.

vfo hd video camera flying object guy

The camera records video only—there is no sound. This is a good thing though as the only thing that you would likely hear is the wind. Instead, you can add a music track or funny sound effects for making the clips a little better.

The flying disc and the camera are both water-resistant and shockproof. They will hold up pretty well to hours of play. This flying disc is perfect for a day at the beach or a backyard barbecue. It offers a fun way to liven up any gathering.

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