Capture Each Moment with the Moment Case

Phone photography has really been a trend in recent years, with the qualities of phone cameras such as cameras as the recent line of iPhones or the Sony phones, exceeding many digital cameras today. Like a Kindle though, the feeling of actually taking a photo is lost. The Moment Case makes your photo taking experience more like a camera (at least for iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus models). The Moment Case has a Shutter button feature, an electronic, multi-state button that enables half press and full press features like a DSLR camera. It has a surprisingly slim and low-profile design, still allowing you to attach a strap and a Moments Lens, for that ‘ultimate photo taking experience’ (sold separately). There is a subtle rubber grip that pops up on the case, so you won’t drop it that easily. You can get the Walnut Moment case for $100 USD, and the Black and White case for $70 USD.

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moment case getting out of the bag

moment case used film camera

click image used moment case by hand

moment case taking photo by smart lens interface

moment case shutter button and smart lens