Channel Your Inner Producer – Roli Music Blocks

Everyone loves music, I sure do. And I’m also sure that there are moments where we all want to make our own music. The MIDI was the major musical innovation that revolutionised today’s music. It has shaped the electronic genre and influenced many other popular ones. Roll in Roli’s Blocks. The small light pads consist of the same functions of a MIDI. The Lightpad block is a touch and pressure-sensitive surface that lights up with several colour-changing LEDs. The biggest difference is the five-dimensional touch expressivity, where users’ gestures can control everything from volume to pitch. This makes it user-friendly and super fun when creating catchy and crazy tunes. All the components connect wirelessly to the companion Noise app, which means users are spoilt for choice when choosing sounds and effects from their iPhone or iPad. The light displays are made up of 225 RGB LED lights and a magnetic connector that simplifies the assembling of multiple blocks. It has been rolling in the big guns, where it has been co-signed by Steve Aoki and the RZA.

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roli music blocks light pad

roli music blocks light pad display