Check Out Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature Leather Headphones

The P9 Signature is Bowers & Wilkins best sounding and most luxurious headphones to-date and was designed with music lovers in mind. P9 Signature delivers a unique and superior audio experience. The exceptional technology provides precision at high frequencies and astonishing bass for the ultimate audio experience. P9 Signature is Bowers & Wilkins’ largest over-ear headphone and exemplifies all of the acoustic and design innovation amassed during the brand’ 50-year journey.

bowers and wilkins p9 signature luxurious leather headphones

Part of this crystal-clear listening sound is created through the innovative placement of the transducer, which is positioned to provide a more natural listening experience. You will hear sound as if listening to a pair of stereo speakers rather than headphones. The scope of imagination, depth and clarity is truly breathtaking.

bowers and wilkins p9 signature leather headphones box

The headphones are crafted from Italian Saffiano leather, using a ‘stamping’ technique that gives the material a distinctive cross-hatch finish. Memory foam cushions the ear pads to isolate noise from the outside world and mould to the shape of your head over time, providing both an acoustic seal and an incredibly comfortable listening experience. The headband adds strength, but is cleverly decoupled from each ear cup, stopping unwanted vibration from distorting the sound while also offering the very best in comfort. The luxurious case is the perfect partner for your headphones; crafted from Alcantara with its elegant suede-like feel, and Saffiano leather detail.

bowers and wilkins p9 signature leather headphones outlook