We Test Harman Kardon’s Nova Computer Speakers

In our ever changing world where we lose the wires on more electronic devices daily, it makes sense that speakers follow suit. Although this is nothing new as wireless speakers have been around for a while, from time to time, some eye candy comes along that grabs our attention and we want to know more. Harman Kardon is well known for its visually appeasing speakers called the SoundSticks. Today we look at the Nova to see if a 2 speaker system without a subwoofer can still do the job.

The Connections

As we mentioned this speakers is wireless. It is still able to connect to a PC or laptop with the normal 3.5mm headphone jack to extend its range of connect-ability. Then there is the ever trusting Bluetooth connection that you pair and play. The bonus connection on the Nova series that I’m impressed with is the NFC. Instantly pair your NFC enabled device through a simple touch on the sensor. Since NFC is still a fairly new technology, it is safe to say that the Nova speakers will be compatible with smart devices for years to come.

The Looks

Visually the Nova looks beautiful with the clear plastic cover and the shell like interior. The one side is flat so you don’t have to worry about the speakers rolling around. Every component is black except for the see through plastic and silver cover at the back facing away from you. The Harman Kardon name is branded in the middle just to remind you who made it. All controls like volume, power, bass and audio connections are on the right speaker on the exterior of the front ring.

The Sound

The sound quality of the Nova speakers is superb. Although the lack of a subwoofer does show when playing songs that is heavy on the base, the clarity on high-mids and highs is unmatched. The speakers comes with a bass boost function but even with the function enabled or disabled it is not too generous with the low bass and distorts on high to maximum volumes. The lows are there but that is not what these speakers was designed for. Bring on the highs and you have a match made in heaven.

The Feautures

The touch controls can be found on top of the right speaker. To change the volume you simply slide your finger over the LED lights to increase or decrease the volume. The volume control works with your device so if you change the volume on your phone, the LEDs on the speaker change accordingly. Not all buttons share the same sensitivity. For the power and bass function buttons you need to press and hold it for several seconds before it responds. Ironically the source button is super sensitive and placed in the perfect spot that you will unintentionally touch each time you move the speakers. Learn the place and remember to avoid.

The Verdict

Beautiful in design it is not without its flaws. It kinds of remind me of an Apple product where you never buy the first edition of a new product launch but rather wait for 2.0. But for the crisp clarity sound it produces combined with the wireless connections, you cannot find a better set of speakers in that price range.

Check it out