Clockwork GameShell DIYs its Way into Retro Gaming

Nostalgia is an important factor in retro gaming. We all have those games that we loved to play, but as time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to not only find those games, but to also mimic that playing experience. Clockwork has created a DIY GameShell that accomplishes both, allowing you to not only play those games the way you remember, but to also make those same games even better.

gameshell for retro game collector and game developers

GameShell has the look and feel of a classic GameBoy, with an LCD screen, a directional pad, and a set of four action buttons. But GameShell is much more than just an emulation device. It’s a portable and modular console that lets you play retro games but also supports unique programming languages, like Preset C, Python, Lua, JS, and LISP.

Using those languages you can modify an existing program to become the game you’ve always wanted it to be or you can create your own game. GameShell can play games from Atari, GB, GBA, NES, MAME, MD, PS1 and more.

gameshell portable game console

GameShell can also be used as a remote for different devices, including smart toys, or use it to create DIY wireless speakers. You can even connect GameShell to your smart TV through a micro HDMI port, or connect it to your keyboard and mouse and use it as a pocket Linux computer. Because it’s modular and DIY, you can make just about anything out of GameShell. Just configure the modules how you need them.

Those modules include a ClockworkPi main board v3.1, an Arduino compatible keyboard, two-channel stereo speaker, 2.7-inch screen, 1200 mAh rechargeable battery, and 5 independent IO extended keys. Whether you’re looking to play your old favourites, hack into the games and make them better, or you have a need of a custom device for any number of uses, the Clockwork GameShell is what you’re looking for.

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gameshell for retro game collector and game developers

gameshell modular diy kit