Code Black SD Camera Drone

Drones are hot right now and only growing in popularity with more advanced models hitting the market every month. We’re starting to see more of these hobbyist-friendly quadrocopters buzzing over beaches, landmarks, parks, rooftops, and even volcanoes—broadcasting awesome aerial shots, while spying on public figures.

But as drone awareness continues to build amongst the public, it’s becoming incredibly difficult to hit the skies without going undetected. Well, if the game plan is to fly and record in stealth fashion, we recommend taking a look at the “The Dark Knight of the sky” aka the Code Black SD-Camera Drone.

 code black sd camera drone with display

This all-black matte flyer is the essential starter drone designed for soaring through the skies and recording live video with ease from elevated heights. Its six-flight control system and adjustable gyro sensitivity balances accuracy with speed to execute complex maneuvers, never sacrificing control or handle. You can flip it in several directions (backward, forward, left, right) using the 4-channel remote and shoot awesome angles mid-flight.

four fan system code black sd camera drone

In terms of video capture, the Code Black records and saves all visuals onto a Micro SDHC card. However, those looking to enhance their aerial filming experience should know a premium version of the Code Black is also being sold online that features a 2.0MP, HD 720p camera (1280×720) and an extra set of blades. Two flights modes (beginner and expert) programmed into the UAV to accommodate a user’s skill level and help them progress to more complex flights. A full charge (est. 30-40 minutes) will get you close to 10 minutes of flight time. And best of all, it’s small enough to fit in your palm carry on the go.

frog shape code black sd camera drone

You can pick up the Code Black SD-Camera Drone Limited Edition right now over at TNW Deals for $70, which is pretty much half off the original retail value. The HD model will run you $100. Both are available for order not only in the US, but internationally as well via free shipping.

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