coin is a tiny credit card sized device

You can rant and rave about the number of cards you must carry, or do something about it. The people behind Coin obviously took the latter path, coming up with a simply awesome invention. Coin is a tiny credit card-sized device which basically allows you to store any of your card in its memory, so you can use coin instead of all these cards. Just toggle the menu until you find the name of the card you want to use, for example a ‘company card,’ and hand Coin when you want to pay. Isn’t that awesome? But the ease of card-uploading feature might just top it all. All you need is a small dongle included with Coin and a smartphone. Connect the dongle to your handset, swipe your card through it and take a picture of the card, so you know which one’s which. That’s it. Your card details are securely stored in Coin. There’s also a neat low Bluetooth signal feature which recognizes when you’re away from Coin. That means you could have lost it! Go back to that restaurant and take a look. $55 (pre-order)