Colorware’s Apple iPhone 7 Plus Retro

What’s new is old again in this retro upgrade from edgy design firm Colorware. This iPhone is covered in a retro-80’s electronic beige and finished with the classic rainbow coloured Apple logo of yesteryear.

From the same outfit who brought us coloured Apple AirPods, these guys have been known to add pops of colour to the generally white Apple range (the AirPods were offered in 58 different colours).

colorware apple iphone 7 plus retro side view

The Retro iPhone 7 began life as a regular unlocked 256 GB black iPhone 7 Plus before the crafty team added their creative touch with a retro paint job. The first 25 of the Retro iPhones will come with a ‘number of authenticity’, the added element of exclusivity making it a tad more expensive than your average smartphone. This one will cost you $2,500, a pretty penny for a custom paint job.

Price aside, this is probably the best-looking custom we’ve seen so far, and it subversively pays tribute to the vintage Macintosh devices from the 1980s, which launched the company to stardom. Following Nokia’s relaunch of the iconic 3310 ‘brick phone’ earlier in the year, it seems a nostalgic trend is fast developing.

Check it out

colorware apple iphone 7 plus retro side view

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