Any Colour You Like – Samsung Launches Amazing New 2017 QLED TV Range

Samsung has officially raised the bar on everything TV related. The brand recently launched the new QLED range, which includes three models and achieves 100% colour volume at any level of brightness. What that means for us Aussies (who value image quality above all else) is an absolutely sleek TV that will provide brilliant, full colours, even as the sun pours in through our windows or those ceiling lights bounce off the screen. At long last, the balance between colour reproduction and brightness has been conquered.

 samsung qled tv use quantum dot alloy material

We were lucky enough to get to spend a night with the Samsung QLED Q8 TV, at the Old Claire Hotel in Sydney. We won’t go into too much detail as to how Samsung achieved such an amazing feat of because frankly we’re not science experts. But what we can tell you is that each Samsung QLED TV utilises a Quantum dot alloy material to capture the full spectrum of awesome colour along with pristine image details no matter the lighting conditions. So regardless of your viewing conditions, colour volume remains 100% full and accurate thanks to its quantum dot technology.

people show in the samsung qled range

Furthermore, when paired with absolutely sexy designs that use only the best materials and include both flat and curved screen options, each Samsung QLED TV goes beyond brightness adaptation to allow for immersive viewing no matter where you might be standing or sitting in the room. In other words, these babies are built to maintain the highest standards of performance and quality from any angle, in any environment.

samsung qled range curved tv

Samsung’s new range also eradicates cable clutter thanks to the use of a clear connection cable and the option to purchase accessories like a ‘No-gap wall-mount’ or two separate kinds of forward-thinking stands. In keeping with that goal to pair minimalist elegance with top-shelf performance is an enhanced ‘Smart Hub’ interface and all functions streamlined through the One Remote, which controls the TV and any peripherals like Blu-ray or game consoles. Prices go as low as $4,499 for the Q7 55-inch and then as high as $39,999 for Q9 88-inch (for those who really want a premium TV). No matter which model you choose, rest assured that colour volume will remain dutifully rich and intact through and through.

samsung qled range tv tomb view

Carl Rose, VP of Consumer Electronics for Samsung Australia, had this to say: “Samsung’s QLED category is a milestone in our TV technology. It’s the pinnacle of Samsung’s home cinema experience thanks to the true-to-life picture quality, incredible brightness, and image detail.”

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samsung qled range tv speaker

samsung qled range tv bottom side

samsung qled range curved tv top view

samsung qled range curved tv back view

samsung qled range curved tv side view

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