Here Comes the Boom – The LG X-BOOM Freestyler

If you’re someone who likes to party ’til you drop then does LG have a stereo system for you. Advertising itself as “Bluetooth audio on steroids” is the new X-BOOM Freestyler. This all-inclusive portable stereo system is basically guaranteed to keep the party going until either your neighbours freak out and call the police or one of your friends slips into a K-hole from which he can’t return.

The LG X-BOOM definitely takes the word “boom” to task. It comes equipped with 600W audio delivered by four speakers and dual 8″ woofers. Since half of your annoying friends fancy themselves as Skrillex wannabes, the X-BOOM also features a slew of DJ effects like flanging, phasing, delay, and scratching. Rounding out the DJ show experience are light features that synchronise with the music to give those drug-induced brains something to marvel at for hours on end. It also has karaoke for the other half of your annoying friends.

lg x boom freestyler speaker touch with hand

Unlike an archaic boombox, however, the X-BOOM is compatible with up to three mobile devices at a time and you can control the music via the Music Flow Bluetooth app or stream a playlist from Spotify or Pandora. This is one system with all the basics covered and then some. Check it out today and start pissing off your neighbours tomorrow!

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