The De Dolomieu BLOCK is a Genuine Marble Stand for Your Macbook

German company de Dolomieu is a German company that creates high-quality objects for everyday life. They are known for creating products that crafted in a way that supports the local community.

gold macbook laptop on de dolomieu marble stand

The new MacBook Pro BLOCK Stand by de Dolomieu is a good example of their design principles at work. It is made of genuine white marble sourced at a quarry just outside of Carrara, Italy. Each BLOCK is crafted from a 6-cm thick slab of 14-km Statuario marble. This marble is highly sought-after. Michelangelo sourced this marble for his sculptures from the same quarries used by de Dolomieu.

 de dolomieu block marble stand side view

With its intricate, bold veining and detailed design, this stand is sophisticated. It was created to bring a bit of timeless elegance into any workspace. Being custom-designed especially for the MacBook, this stands hugs tightly to the curves of the MacBook’s edges. The surface of the stand is smooth and cool.

de dolomieu block marble back side edge view

This is truly a stand that is worthy of the MacBook Pro. It is available for the 12-inch MacBook and the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro. It features feet on the bottom to protect your desk and help the stand stay in place. BLOCK is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a soft cloth occasionally to remove any debris.

The BLOCK stand is made to order. Each is produced in a series of steps that can take as long as two weeks each to complete.Since marble is a natural material, no two stands are the same.

block stand for macbook

de dolomieu block stand cover box

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