Dell First 49-inch Dual QHD Monitor Turns 2 into 1

The Dell 49-inch Dual QHD Monitor turns your two-monitor setup into a single monitor setup thanks to the gargantuan size, curved screen. Most giant-sized screens are marketed toward the gamer, but the Dell monitor is taking more of a workplace slant to it.

man using dell 49 inch monitor

Dell spins the new monitor as being the equivalent of two 27-inch monitors that have been combined into one yet maintains the feel of two thanks to its dual mode. With the monitor, you can choose to fill the entire 49-inch screen with just one program, or opt instead to have the screen split down the middle for running two separate programs. You can even combine two different PCs to the monitor with its picture-by-picture mode.

dell 49 inch monitor computer setup

What does that mean? Coworkers could actually share the screen while working on different projects (though cozying up to a coworker to get close enough to share a screen—regardless of how big—doesn’t exactly sound that appealing). Alternatively, with Dell’s Keyboard, Video, and Mouse feature, you could control both PCs with one wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

The 49-inch monitor has a dual 5120×1440 display with a 32:9 aspect ratio. It has a 60Hz refresh rate (depending on your graphics card), with a 99 perc ent sRGB colour gamut and Comfort View to filter out blue light. The screen retails for USD$1,699.

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