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Dell Unveils Sub-$1,200 Inspiron 16 Plus

If you’re going to talk about a 16-inch laptop, you’re most likely thinking of the MacBook Pro. Well, prepare to rearrange your thought processes. Dell’s Inspiron 16 Plus is giving the Pro a run for its money. What’s at the front of that race of characteristics? A price tag under $1,200.

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Image: Dell

The 16-inch model allows for a roomier keyboard and a bit more workspace, which comes in handy when transportability is the name of the game but you don’t want to sacrifice too much functionality. The Inspiron 16 Plus features an aluminium body, keeping it nice and lightweight, as well as slim screen bezels so you don’t lose precious screen real estate. All of that isn’t nearly as important as what is powering this computer.

Running the Inspiron 16 Plus show is either an 11th-gen Intel Core i5 or an i7 H-series processor. You can get up to 1 TB of solid-state drive and either 16 or 32 GB of memory. Dell also offers the option of integrated graphics or an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU with 4 GB or a 60-watt RTX 3060 with 6 GB of memory. Battery life comes in at 10 hours and it is charged with the Thunderbolt 4 USB-C port.

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Image: Dell

Even with its thin design, this computer packs in two fans and three heat pipes for a robust cooling system. Not only is this a quality option for work, it can also take on your gaming demands. The 16-inch screen is up to either, offering 291 nits of brightness and a colour range that includes 100 per cent sRGB and 81 per cent AdobeRGB colour gamuts.

In full disclosure, a tricked-out Inspiron 16 Plus will run you a bit over $1,600, but that’s still less than the base price of other 16-inchers. Keep things simple and you can definitely stay under that $1,200 mark and still get a stellar performer.

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Image: Dell

Dell inspiron 16 plus

Image: Dell


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