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Dell precision tower

Dell Precision 7865 Tower Adds New Ryzen Chips and 1TB RAM

Dell’s new Precision 7865 Desktop Workstation is busting at the seams, and not just because it avails itself of the latest Ryzen Threadripper PRO 500 chips. The new desktop computer comes with as much as 1TB of RAM, and an improved cooling system, so for once, you can actually sit back and enjoy full power without worrying about performance.

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Dell precision tower 1

Dell Precision 7865 Tower: Image: Dell

According to Dell, the new tower is perfect for the more creative crowd—artists, architects, engineers, and anyone who uses their imagination for their job, including VR and AI content creators. Of course, that means that everyone else can also benefit from a higher level of performance. Leading the charge of that improved performance are the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 500 chips. These new chips use AMD’s Zen 3 architecture to offer 64 cores and 128 threads, up to 128 PCIe Gen 4 lanes, and 8 high-performance memory lanes. They offer a maximum frequency of 4.5Ghz, and reportedly use 67 per cent less power per core while still delivering up to 39 per cent faster-rendering performance.

But there’s more to this tower than just ripping threads. If you don’t need something quite so robust, Dell offers five total options when it comes to CPUs for the 7865. You also have the option of pairing the CPUs with graphic cards from Nvidia (the RTX A6000) and AMD (the Pro W6800). As mentioned, the 7865 comes with up to 1TB of capacity, clocking in at 3,200MHz. You can also opt to switch from HDD to SSD. HDD will get you 8TB while the SSD will give you 4TB, with slightly faster speeds. The tower has a hexagonal venting pattern with dedicated air channels sending cooling directly to key components. The whole set up is more thermally efficient and improves on acoustics as well. Plus, the whole chassis is 14 per cent smaller than the 7820.

Dell plans to release the Precision 7865 Tower this summer globally. It hasn’t announced pricing yet, but the brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so it might have a generous spirit. And if not, well, this is a computer that will be worth the price.

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Dell precision 7865 tower

Dell Precision 7865 Tower: Image: Dell

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