Get Efficient with The Logitech MX ERGO Trackball Mouse

For many tech-savvy people, computers are a lot like guitars for musicians—there are certain types of computers they like to use to work or play, along with certain types of accessories. One of those accessories is the trackball, a bulky, unique type of mouse that allows for a tremendous amount of control over what your cursor is doing onscreen, right in the palm of your hand. From gamers to video editors to designers, trackballs are critical and come in many different shapes and sizes—but this MX Ergo from Logitech may have taken this accessory to the next level.

logitech mx ergo trackball mouse design

As the name suggests, the Ergo was designed to not only offer everything a trackball enthusiast needs quite literally in the palm of their hand, but also to reduce muscular strain by up to 20 percent for heavy trackball users. And this comfort can be entirely customized as not every hand is alike. There’s also an advanced tracking and precision mode button, which allows you to change the speed at which the MX Ergo scrolls. But perhaps most important in this new device from Logitech is the exclusive FLOW system, which allows the trackball to work across multiple computers without breaking up the workflow. So now trackballers can work comfortably and efficiently.

Check it out

logitech mx ergo trackball mouse use gaming

logitech mx ergo trackball mouse wireless trackball

logitech mx ergo trackball mouse side

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