Hopefully this HAL 9000 isn’t Homicidal

HAL 9000 had his reasons for wanting to kill off the crew of Discovery. But if homicidal supercomputers aren’t on your list of concerns, you might be interested in MRG’s latest prop replica of the infamous computer.

hal 9000 front view

2001: A Space Odyssey may have thrilled audiences in theaters 50 years ago, but the design of HAL still stands today. MRG remained true to that design, using brushed aluminum for the faceplate, extruded aluminum trim, and built-in magnets to mount HAL to a desk or the wall. The well-known red dot of the eye lens is also there, and is even removable for viewing and separate display if desired. The unit is Bluetooth enabled to play your audio from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. HAL also responds to voice commands with clips from the movie. You can even update the prop with software upgraded by connecting HAL to your wireless network.

hal 9000 view design

A select few—2001, appropriately enough—can step up the replica by purchasing the prop with the command console. The console is backlit with selectable bias lighting and comes with a power supply, desk stand, and a numbered and signed Limited Edition certificate. The console features a built-in 10.1 inch HD display screen where you can see HAL’s status video displays. The console wouldn’t be complete without the control buttons, and this unit has a row of ten backlit tactile control buttons that allow you to select graphics, control different functions, and interact with HAL.

Check it out

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