HP Inc OMEN a Good Sign of Things to Come

As one of the first releases from HP Inc. since ceasing to trade as Hewlett-Packard last year, and splitting HP Enterprises off as a new publicly traded company, the HP OMEN desktop is the perfect example of the company’s staunch vision of catering to PC users who modify and improve their hardware frequently, which is basically computer-industry speak for high-performance gamers. The tech-specs on the OMEN are all top of the line: Windows 10, an array of graphics cards to choose from, 32GB memory, liquid cooling, the ability to support four display monitors at a time, and they’ve even been considerate enough to make it so you don’t need tools to pull the thing apart to add, change, swap and generally improve the guts of it.

hp inc omen feature

But you don’t need to know all of that to see how ahead of the curve the new HP Inc. really is – just look at the damn thing! It’s sexy and black, it’s covered in neon lights that can be configured to change depending on the performance of the drive, or just stay one colour. Its linear design makes it look like it’s come from the future to tell us that PCs don’t stay ugly forever. This is definitely the PC that Bruce Wayne has sitting under his desk in the bat-cave, nay, on top of his desk – where everybody can see it. Starting at $999 USD, HP Inc. have done an excellent job at leading the way here – bring on the future of gaming PCs.

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