The HP Z VR Backpack PC Takes Virtual Reality to the Next Wearable Level

Virtual Reality is clearly the next big thing, though it still seems a little limited in certain aspects. There are cords you can get tangled up in, the connections are as seamless as they are supposed to be and more complex VR programs can only run on certain machines. However, much of this has to do with hardware and that all seems about to change with the HP Z VR Backpack PC, which finally allows you to truly explore and operate within a VR world without real world limitations.

hp z vr backpack advantage of gaming entertainment

As it sounds, the HP Z VR Backpack PC is a backpack that you wear with your VR headset, helping to better track your movements within the simulation and make it all even more realistic. There are interchangeable batteries that can click in and out easily on each side of the backpack, allowing you to work uninterrupted by distance or wires. And while the backpack looks like something you would wear in a war zone to protect yourself from shrapnel, the HP Z VR Backpack PC weighs just ten pounds and comes with a mesh harness, making it comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time. For now it’s ideal for work simulations and training seminars, but it’s only a matter of time before this VR Backpack is part of gaming and entertainment.

And at that point, you might want to spend more time in the virtual world then the real one.

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