Intel Announces the 9th Gen Intel Core Processor: the Fastest Mainstream Processor on the Market

Intel has announced its 9th Gen Intel Core Processor, and it looks to be the fastest mainstream processor on the market. The new processor offers two times faster performance as compared to the processor five years ago (the 1×1 802.11 b/g/n). It also boasts an increased connectivity, with 12 times the speed on a Gigabit WiFi. The processor is powerful enough that it can edit 4k 360 videos 6.5 faster, meaning that a video that used to take six minutes can now be done in just under one. Battery life is also expanded, jumping up to ten hours of life.

intel desktop processor core i9

What all that means is that you’ll be able to do much more with your computer. Switching between programs will be seamless, enabling greater multitasking. Photo and video editing will be vastly improved. Increased WiFi speeds mean a better gaming experience, something that will be even more enhanced thanks to the increased number of pixels on the screen (four times as many as traditional HD). You’ll also have a host of voice services that can be used to search the web, control your smart home features, play music and videos, or do your shopping.

The new Intel processor is the next evolution in computing.

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9th gen processor intel core i9 processor

9th gen intel core processor

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intel i9 core processor