LaCie 8TB Rugged Raid Shuttle Hard Drive Won’t Be Stopped

Film sets, photo shoots, music studios—they’re all hectic and somewhat crazy situations that require rugged gear. Fortunately, LaCie has created the Rugged family of portable hard drives. Since 2005, over 6,000,000 units from this line have been sold, and now LaCie is adding to that number with the 8TB Rugged Raid Shuttle Hard Drive.

The Rugged Raid Shuttle is drop, rain, dust, and crush resistant. Your data will be safe inside the drive no matter what you throw at it. Getting that data on the drive is simple. The drive is USB-C, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt 1, 2, and 3 capable. The drive also features high-speed performance with a 250MB/s speed, cutting back the amount of time you have to spend transferring over RAW image files and 4K videos.

Of course, physical damage isn’t your only concern. You want to keep the data you load on the drive safe as well. Rugged drives are designed with self-encryption thanks to Seagate Secure Technology. It also features RAID 0/1.

The design of the shuttle also makes it easy to pack and ship—you can even slip it into an envelope and then drop it in your mail, knowing that your data will be protected in transit.

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